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This Charity is run by volunteers from three churches in the parish of St Augustines, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Churches: St Augustines – St James – St Edmund Campion.

During the year long ministry of an African missionary Priest, Fr Sam (from the Missionary Society of St Paul) who had previously been a missionary priest in Liberia, Africa. We were all touched by the stories of struggle & poverty.

In 2006 the local churches were moved to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem when considering all the problems associated with Africa and sent a container to help his previous parishoners.

When some of us visited West Africa in late 2006, with Fr Sam, we were particularly struck with the need of children, in Grandcess Liberia, many having to work each day to help the family survive. We returned with the idea that the 100 empty local school places should be filled and HelpaChild was born.

To provide education for needy children in Africa. This includes teachers, uniforms, books and equipment.

Celebrating our first year in November 2007.

We are pleased that 18 months of costs to educate 100 school children has already been donated.

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