Your donation will contribute directly to those in need, paying for their education, teachers, pens, paper and equipment - initially for 100 children in Grandcess Liberia.

With families commonly ranging between 8 to 10 children, it is the destiny of so many to end up working on the farm or at the beach, fishing or hauling loads, merely to help the family survive.

Choosing one child to be educated, often the eldest, leaves many children feeling helpless.

The effects of war have created so many orphans, who now live with grandparents or older relations - they themselves do not have the capability to earn money to pay for education either.

Being the only breadwinner from the age of eight leaves school as nothing more than a dream.

You can help make a difference..

Your Help
It costs £30 per year to send a child to school - £20 for the school & teachers, and £10 for the uniform, books pens & equipment.

Donating just
£2.50 a month can educate a child.

Donations can be be made by Standing Order or Cheque. Please print the Donation Form.

Frequently Asked Questions
> What you receive as a sponsor?
Each donor will receive an annual email with password access to achievement reports.

> Frequently asked questions

> I’d like to sponsor a child now.
Start by downloading and completing the donation form.

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